How can I join The Salvation Army?

Our worship services are open to anyone who wants to find faith or share their faith. There’s no need for a uniform, no need to participate. Just come along and see what you think.

To become a Soldier
To be a Soldier of The Salvation Army is a voluntary personal commitment arising from a personal spiritual conviction. You will be invited to attend classes to explore the beliefs and practices of The Salvation Army. This will include exploration of your spiritual experience and the way in which this impacts on your lifestyle choices.
To be enrolled as a Soldier of The Salvation Army, you will publicly demonstrate your decision by signing and adhering to The Soldier’s Covenant. The wearing of the uniform is a matter of personal choice and conviction. You do not have to wear a uniform to be a Soldier in The Salvation Army.

To become an Adherent
To become an Adherent of The Salvation Army is also a voluntary personal commitment arising from a personal spiritual experience. Opportunity will be given to explore your faith and how you best express it. Adherents do not wear the uniform, but are committed to The Salvation Army as their church and as such can identify themselves as members of The Salvation Army.

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