Is The Salvation Army like other Christian churches?

The Salvation Army is an integral part of the worldwide Christian Church with its own distinctive governance and practice.
We commit ourselves:

  • to make known our common life in Christ through shared witness, worship and service
  • to participate with our ecumenical partners, locally and nationally, in areas of social action and engagement in the public concern
  • to deepen relationships through fellowship and shared pilgrimage
  • to seek to do collectively all that would further the Kingdom of God.

There are many different Christian Churches. The Salvation Army is just one. However, each different Christian expression has the same basic beliefs and calling: to Worship God, to share the good news about Jesus Christ and to work for the good of all people. The Salvation Army is committed to ecumenism, that is, the search for unity between all Christians. The Salvation Army works in 126 countries.

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